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whats involved in removing my radio?

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i just bought a mint 84 horizon and i have a factory cd player im tossing it, whats involved? i didnt see any screws to get the dash apart
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the screws are hidden in the dash panel. By where the vents are. and to on the bottom edge of the trim panel, Feel around for them.
take those screws out, get a wiring harness for the car that plugs into the factory then you can just stick the aftermarket right in. i have one if you need the wiring brand new in plastic still from a project i didnt use it on
If it is a square pre2002 factory radio it should bolt and plug right in as long as the tabs are in the same place. A lot of the Jeeps had the tabs on a different corner. Also make sure it's not a infinity radio since those were designed for a car with a factory amp. Most of them work without the amp but don't sound very well.

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There are four screws that are found right under the front edge of the dash pad itself. (ALong the top of the plastic piece that the radio is centered within). Once you take those screws out, open the glove box door carefully. Then, unscrew (if you have one) the center console piece containing the cigarette tray, cigarette lighter, optional Map light, and little tray. Get that out of the way once it is unscrewed (one on each bottom side near the carpet, and then two screws in the cigarette tray slide out. Then pull out the plastic piece that the radio lies within and slide to the right to get it up over the steering column plastic piece. Once you do this and the plastic piece is off, shut your glovebox door, and then look at your radio. You will see two (10 mm?) bolts, one on the upper right side of the radio and one on the bottom left of the radio holding it in place. Unbolt those, and then it's a struggle, but get your hand back behind the radio and undo the two wiring harnesses. Presto, you've removed your radio. I would highly recommend using Alpine if you were considering going aftermarket, they're a great product! You can pick up the new style wiring harness that connects directly to the remaining wiring in the dash, at Wal*Mart or Radio Shack.

Good luck, let us know how you do and if you ahve any more questions!
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