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$3500 Takes it ALL

In excellent shape for a 34 year old car!

Moving on from hopes to relive my teenage years. I am literally moving. If not gone in 3 weeks, I will likely retract the post and take it with me. I don't HAVE to sell. Just less to move and store.

I purchased this in Bay City, MI 10 years ago from the second owner. He worked at the bank that repossessed it from the original owner. To my knowledge, it has never seen winter snow and only driven a couple of times in the rain. Pretty clean. Small rust through spot near parking brake floor penetration.

In checking out poor performance, I found slightly low compression on cylinder 1. Looking through spark plug hole, I could see small knicks in cylinder wall. I purchased a rusty local '86 Lebaron with a more recently rebuilt 2.2 bored .030 over (on engine stand). I intended to go through that and swap. Car has been sitting for a while, but starts right up. It can be driven onto trailer. I currently have coolant drained. Started to see coolant in oil. Likely a bad head gasket.

-Newer 2.5" exhaust installed

-Some new suspension components in boxes including struts and rear springs. Newer shocks (installed).

-Stage 1 ECM from one of the primary TD vendors (I believe from FWD Performance)

-Bored throttle body (I never installed purchased on TD from Keith Alto??)

-Rebuilt A520 Trans with Moly plate, never installed, purchased on TD from IlikeShelbys

-Newer Interstate Battery

Other Spare Items Included but NOT Installed:
New Fuel Pump
New Clutch and Pressure Plate
New rear wheel hubs
Original PCM
Original radio + 2 other radio models (Alpine deck installed)
retractable rear cover
door trim pieces
gauge cluster trim
Radio trim
Driver's side A-Pillar trim
Spare transaxles (not sure of operational condition)
Power Mirrors in great condition
+ a few more items I'm sure I'm forgetting

Pics I have in my profile media:

Pics on Microsoft OneDrive:



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