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Who has a DRB II?

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Last week I took a gamble on eBay and bought an untested DRB II with an 1983-1993 supercartridge for $50.99. There was no cable so I made one. Unfortunately it doesn't work, or at least not properly. Lines 1 and 3 of the display show faint signs of life when apparently powered up. Before I give up hope I was hoping someone could check my pinouts with their own DRB II unit. I really guessed at the pinouts based on similar ones found in the DRB III owners manual. Here is what I have:

Chrysler SCI Connector

Male Din Connector of DRB II SCI Cable

The following connections should have continuity between each other:

SCI Connector---------->Din Connector

Pin 1----------> Pin 7 AND Pin 8

Pin 3----------> Pin 6

Pin 4----------> Pin 5

Pin 6----------> Pin 4

Alligator Clip----------> Pin 1

Any help is appreciated.
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