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Why didn't Dodge just market the SOHC 16valve or vice versa?

I had to work on a 97 Dodge Neon SOHC 16valve which had a bad valve cover gasket, I went to order one and thought the SOHC was a 8valve, and assumed 16valve was DOHC, and then got the wrong part and had to make another trip to the store to find that the SOHC gasket cost more which didn't bother me other than why 2 different 16valve varients?

On a side note, everything went really smooth compared to working on my 90 Daytona 3.0! I did find some oil in the 1 and 4 cylinder plugs from bad plug gaskets though and leaking out of the rear of the valve cover gasket which made a puddle down on the tranny casing.
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