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That is the fuselink splice. One main hot lead with several fuselinks to separate systems within the harness. as suggested, replacing them with a Power Distribution Center is the best way, but you can also acquire the fuselink bunch from someone that has an old harness lyingb around.

Hello All,
1984 Daytona Turbo Z. I have a question(s) about the connection pictured below. As you can see there have already been a couple of repairs made to some of the wires. The car runs great with no issues but I was never really happy with the repair done. The wires are all getting brittle so I was thinking about trying to remove the rubber hub and just run some new wires in their place. Is there anything inside that hub that I need to know about or is that just how they designed it to connect multiple wires to the same hot lead? What are the two red wires running into it and why are they separate? Do the six wires feeding into the other side need to be spliced into a particular one of the red wires? Do some go to one red and some to the other? Or can everything just be spliced into one big connection? I'm assuming this part is probably no longer available. I'm hoping someone has experience with the same situation and can pass along any advice or issues they may have encountered while making a similar repair.

Thanks in advance!

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