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Wont go above 4K....

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i got a 89 lebaron turbo, and I finally got my new trans in with a MVB and upgraded torque converter and all that... but this problem was happening before the trans was in....

when im either flooring it at wot or just excelerating i cant go above 4K... it seems like its tumbling over itself and i have no clue on what it is.. any help would be great....

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i'll second that
i think it is too
thanks guys!
is it easy to fix though? i really dont have the time to do major work... can anybody point me to a tread or somthing to help me out?
i am having the same problem, the car is a 89 daytona shelby with a 2.5 t1. The car will not revany higher than roughly 4200 rpm. the car has an entirely new ignition system, new pick up plate, coil, cap rotor, plugwires, and plugs, new fuel pump, and i have tried 2 differnent ECUs. nothing has changed anything, cam timing is dead on. distributor timing is set at 12 deg. i found that i was loosing voltage to the coil,and O2 sensor, that problem had been fixed. still no change. the other interesting thing is that i have access to the chrysler scan tool for the car, i hooked it up and watched the timing advance, it would climb to 30 degrees just before it would start to break up then when it breaks up it drops right off to about 15, i checked over the wiring and found nothing. but that is all i know as of now. any input would be great. i am totaly lost here too.
same deal

Im also having that problem, plus a horribly rough idle when warm. I tried cam timing, i just put my ign timing between 8 and 10 degs BTDC (it jumps a bit, idle sucks a$$). I know there are some vaccum problems, my wastegate was having problems before b/c of it and I think it might be the cause of my problems. I'm not sure what vaccum im getting at idle b/c im ising the stock guage... its just under the bend in the guage (86 square guage). I can hear a seemingly random misfire, although it comes at pretty even intervals, it just seems like too long between misfires to be every time. Basically what im trying to say, unless anyone has any other ideas, is that it could be a vaccum leak. Any codes? mine wont throw codes at all, bad ASD relay, pry other problems with the PM.
i dont think its a vaccum issue
we have a winner. I was preparing to go to carlisle for the show and was changin my oil when i found metal shavings in the oil, i was not too happy due to the fact the engine was rebuilt 1 year ago, anyway tha car sat till i got home from the show. i came home and pulled the pan. I started with yanking the oil pump only to find that the teeth on the gear was worn half way off, both the pump and the intermediate shaft. so a new intermediate shaft, oil pump, and retainer for the shaft were intalled all oem from the dealer parts(is highly recommended). they take about 7 days to come in. so i put the goods in and she revs freely now, this also took away the random miss here and there. i suggest everyone pull their distributors and peer into the hole and see what them gears look like and if there is alot of play in the rotor its probly time for a new pump and shaft.
i set the cam timing and it fixed it
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