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WTB 2 door shadow ES seats and headliner + misc

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Hello all!

I am in the market mainly for some 88ish Shadow ES (with the red striping) seats. My passenger seat was rotten away, along with most of the seatbacks for the rear.

I would also like to find a decent headliner. I don't mind if I have to recover it, I just need a good base. Also, I am not too sure if it is the entire cable, or there are sections, but the front most bit of the parking cable is rusted. Handbrake conversion?

I am located 10 minures from the Canada US boarder in Abbotsford BC. I don't mind driving a little bit, but nothing too far.

Let me know what you have!
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i have a full set of ES seats form my 88. i have a headliner board with fabric removed. i also have a hand brake conversion somewhere in my shed i had in my 88. not sure if i still have the cables but i will try to find my write-up pretty sure i used neon or daytona cables. PM me if you are interested in this stuff! i am in western MA US
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