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Tom Compoli
Simcoe, ON, Canada
N3Y 4K6
Send me a PM

*Wanted items with shipping costs included.

-Intank 255 Walbro Wanted brand new with whole mounting kit. UNUSED

*BOUGHT*-Adjustable Fuel PSI regulator for fuel rail mounted T2 87-89 Accufab or FM kind. New condition, if needs to be rebuilt would like it with a rebuild kit.

*BOUGHT*-Set of Low Miles 52 lb/h +40 Injectors or brand new.

-Ported Exhaust Manifold w/ EGT Bung Drilled and welded to it, prefered with thermal coating. Can Send a core back if need be.

*Would like to see pictures if possible.
-Will not buy unless I see offers I like

Tom Compoli
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