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WTB 88 shadow side skirt/mudflap

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I need an 88 shadow ES integral mudflap/side skirt. I dont need the entire skirt, just the front portion for the PASSENGER side. see circled area.


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no one?

crap, I literally just threw a pair of those away...

they were on a pair of fenders I picked up for the CSX.

sorry this post helps you in no way...just can't believe it was the only parts of the skirts I had (L&R), and it was what you needed.
I always hate throwing ANYTHING away because you never know what some needs or could use.

BTW - 600 Post :woot:
I have what you are looking for. if you still need one let me know.
yeah I need one. what do you want for it?

OOPS.... Frank left himself logged in at my house and I did a quick reply not thinking lol

yeah I need it, what do you want for it?


i have that also

pm me if u still need it.

i also have an 89 style boost guage for that car.

and some other 88 shadow stuff u may be interested in. assorted brake hardware..etc the car i have has an 89 shelby g body front k frame and rack/ and the 11" rear vented disk setup.
its all gotta go.

pm me if applicable.
thanks anyway... already sent the cash to Jay.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts