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WTB: 88 Turbo Auto ECM

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Title says it, I need a known working condition one, let me know, please and thanks!
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If you don't find one closer or cheaper I have one for $100.00 shipped.

I don't have the # handy as its up in my mezzanine but if you are interested I can get it.

Its a 1988 2.2 T-I auto SMEC.

JUST KIDDING!!! I need an 87 T1 auto ECM :(
Idk if they're even different... does that mean I need logic module too?.. trying to make an 87 N/A an 87 turbo...
If its an 87 you need a power module (under the hood) and a logic module (under the kick panel) and an external MAP sensor. 1985-1987 turbo power modules are all the same. 87 TI and TII logic modules are different. I have some of each.
^ got it, thanks! Ok well those are what I need! TI
All of my 1987 TI logic modules are manual trans. (5233542 and 5227868) I bought them to socket and use for TII.
I did some more looking and found a TI Auto logic module. 5233366. Let me know.
Ok! I still need an ECM also tho, correct? And is the LM in good working order? And how much would you want for it? You can PM me if you'd like. And thank you!
I have a power module too. Both came from running cars. $100 shipped. I'll include the external MAP and baro solenoid assembly.


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Awesome! $ sent! Thank you again!
You should have an email with the tracking info. Thanks.
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