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Heres a few of the parts that I will be looking for in the near future...

Let me know what you have.

Poly swaybar bushings ('91 Daytona Shelby)
Nice aftermarket fuel rail to go with stock intake, that can use Accufab reg.
Cryo intermediate shaft
Lightweight flywheel
A hybrid turbo, low km's or new prefferred, 50 trim or larger on cold side, .63 and at least stage 2 on hot side, Chrysler flange would be nice... A 57 trim would probably be the preferred turbo for the setup (need something to support over 400+).
Maybe an alchy kit if you have one for a fair price.

Might be more parts to come as well.

The 46 trim T3/T4 Hybrid, 0.63 AR Chrysler housing turbo won't quite be able to make the power I'm looking for with this setup. :bang head:
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