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WTB DOHC car or 90 up Shelby car...

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I am possibly in the market for a DOHC head turbo dodge (R/T car or Hybrid) or 90 VNT car or 90 up Shelby car. I am willing to shell out some decent cash for a decent car. The car MUST have no rust especially on the underside of the car. The body can be dented or dinged and even need a paint job, but it HAS to be rust free. The car also must be in good mechanical condition, no major motor work required, no cracked heads, no bad valve train etc. Those are the requirements, let me know what you have. Thanks.
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I said send some more pics you never did butt im intrested in it let me know.
Oh I am sorry, I must have missed that, I will send you more today. Thanks.
I have a 1991 white Spirit R/T - orlando area
Can you send pics and info to [email protected], thanks.
No IROC R/T's out there? Thanks

Hey Justin,

Where are YOU located at?

Will you travel halfway across the country for something nice,or just in your area?

It can be anywhere in the US, I will just have to have it shipped. Thanks.
check out my post "91 Spirit R/T" links to pics

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