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Funny, started cleaning mine up with the intention of selling it this spring. My wife is on the warpath because we have a three (+) car garage with no running vehicles in it. Car is an '86 GLHS, 35K miles. I purchased it from the original owner ~ 5 years ago and haven't done much to it. The car is what I would consider a 'project'. The paint is rough and it needs some body work around the drivers doors, drivers seat is torn and head liner will need replaced. The gear shift also suffers from bushing wear (was working on fixing this today). Car retains all original Shelby stickers and dash plaque. I have not modified the car. Anyway, shoot me an e-mail with questions if you are interested. I'm in Peoria, IL. The car is priced to sell (was planning on asking $2500), really just want to make sure the right person gets it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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