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Hello guys, im going to post here and see what comes up. Lakewood has proved to be dry for cars of late and i dont wish to go through a dealer. i have aprox 700-800 cash saved up and in hand to buy a new whip with, my ideal car would be something turbo, or something with the 3.3 v6. I want something close to home, within say 50-100 miles of myself, or if you can get the ride from your place to mine as part of the deal, even better. So to recap, Tell me what you have for sale around 700 bucks in Washington and if you got pics or can brng it by, thats golden. thanks guys


ADDITION: you can PM me here on forums or reach me via E-Mail at [email protected] or you can IM me via Yahoo or AIM respectivally at Staindchild85 or Flysolo01.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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