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WTB: Ragtop in MO........

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Looking for a convertible in Missouri or near Kansas City. It's to painful to watch my G/F try to shift a 5-spd so I's like an auto. What-U-got? Thanks.
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A friend has a 1994 LeBaron ragtop he is going to sell. It's a 3.0 automatic. He said a/c is cold and car has about 120k on it, and doesn't smoke when idling like 3.0s are prone to do. I've seen him drive it but I haven't really looked it over. I think it's pretty decent. He's put several miles on it. I think about $850 will buy it. He lives about 50 miles from me but comes to Roby to a sale every Tuesday so I could have him bring it over next week if you are serious. I'm in south central MO just a few miles from Ft.Leonard Wood.
Thanks Dallas.........

That sounds like a good price for a late model Lebaron. I am looking for something about half that price to tinker back to life. I do like the later Lebarons though! Thanks again!
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