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I'd really prefer to get everything from one person to trim cost of shipping and going thru multiple people. Heres my list:

-Drivers and passenger side good condition lower trim parts (The part that always seems to get caught when the door starts to droop and eventually snags and snaps.)
-I'd like to find the 3rd style rear spoiler set thats sits slightly higher than the '87/88 ShelbyZ style...think these came on 89-90 models before the final body change
-I definately need a passenger side tail light, but may be interested in all if the price is right
-Timing belt cover
-Turn signals/lens assembly for Gen1 nose (Theyre going on a TurboZ nose)

Anyways if I could get these from one person that'd be best, but anyone that has the stuff I'm still interested. Just trying to slowly compile some parts that I'll be needing here in the future, so I'm in no rush!

hey there, i see your looking for turn signal lenses for that nose, are you looking for the ones in front or the ones in the side into the fenders???

if you are looking for the ones in front they mount into the front bumper and if you put that nose on a first gen tona then the lenses and bumpers are all the same, if you still need the lenses you may need the front bumper as well which i still have the front bumper with the lenses from that turboz that i sold you the nose from. so let me know
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