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wut can i take out of engine bay

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hey guys just got my new blox vacuum block and silicone vaccuum lines . the vacuum block that is on the passenger side strut tower can i remove that and that canister down bye the headlight will the car run and function the same if i take all that out the kid who had the car before me wired a wire from the o2 sensor which is a three wire o2 now if i can take that out wut would i do about the wireing. im trying to clean up enitre engine bay and im looking for an a413 transmission with shifter and flex plate atnd shifter. my car is an 1987 shelby charger thanks guys mat
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This is all you need to hook up to the vacuum block,

From vac block to ---

----->mbc/grainger-----wastegate can
----->boost gauge
----->brake booster (if rear vac port on intake is blocked off)
You can delete the vapor canister if you want, however you will get a strong smell of gas from under the hood.

If you are using a Manual Boost Controller you can delete the vacuum lines/

However remember the the solenoid valve such as the wastegate and purge control (vapor canister) must be connected electrically or the computer will turn on the check engine light.

Could you post a pic of the vacuum block on the passenger side strut tower?
Any more questions post away.

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If you are using a manual boost controller you can delete the vacuum lines/.... NO! What Dennis is saying is that with a manual boost controller you can remove the lime that goes vac source-vac solenoid-wastegate. Because that is for the computer controlled boost. With the wire for the o2 sensor. Did he do 3wire to 3 wire or 1 wire to 3?
Jared Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think I will change my information to be more clear!

What you can take out depends on inspection/emissions in your state.
Matthew depending on your total goals you can get an A/C delete bracket and do away with A/C compressor and drier.
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